Home Staging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Upon placing your home in the market, the first impression will always be everything. Hence, it is very important that your home must be ready to be shown as soon as you start selling it. Other home sellers would hire a professional home decorator or home stager, such as Allen Homestaging, in order to avail to their services and assist them with staging. While others prefer staging homes by themselves.  If you are one of those home sellers who don’t need any help from professional stagers, then here are some of the pointers that you should know. The following are a list of unforgivable staging mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. 

Area Rugs 

These rugs could make a room feel warm and “completed”, but they also have the ability to take over a home. It is not really necessary to place area rugs in each doorway, hallway, and a single room. When there are many rugs all over the room, chances are it would make the homebuyers believe that the seller wanted to hide something. Are there foundation problems or damaged floors below all of those rugs? 


Empty Boxes 

Leaving an empty branded box in an unoccupied walk-in closet is borderline tacky and out of place. Why would somebody place a Louis Vuitton box in a vacant closet? Is to let the buyers know that somebody who previously occupied there could afford an LV bag? This type of tactic is called “staging” and it is definitely unnecessary. 

Fake Plants 

Those dusty fake plants placed on top of your cabinet and those fake plants that you hang in your bathroom are not attractive to look at. Aside from that, looking out of place will definitely not help you sell your home. 


Towels and Pillows 

Placing many stylish towels in an outdated bathroom or kitchen will never enhance your room’s appearance but it will only distract the homebuyers. Having a few towels is fine. However, once you place towels almost everywhere, then that’s not normal. Similarly, this is also true for decorative pillows. Pillows on the kitchen chairs, pillows on the bed, pillows on the floor, pillows on the sofa, pillows everywhere would be too much.  


Decorative Themes 

If you are living in an equestrian community or a beachy area, having a few subtle decorative themes would be fine. However, do not allow horses or seashells to dominate your house. There’s a fine line between cheesy décor, which seems more like clutter, and tasteful décor. Your job as a seller is to determine the difference and apply it to make a greater outcome. 


 Unattractive Furniture 

If you have a piece of worn-out or outdated furniture, you might need to consider removing it or at least replace it all. Sometimes, a slipcover might look great over a sofa, however, there are also times when too many pillows, blankets or slipcovers will not help. They will more likely make it one of the downsides of the property. 

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