Design Ideas for your Cottage Landscape

Many homeowners commit the mistake of creating a lackluster cottage in their garden. That’s why they are mostly tempted to hire landscaping Richmond VA. To make it worse, they position a narrow and small landscape at the corners of the cottage or in front. Unfortunately, such an effort does not modify the drab lines at all.

Cotage Landscape

The first idea on the list is a planter basket. Hang it and fill it with a waterfall of shrubs under its eaves. This will add character and style to your beloved garden. Make sure that the plants you chose soften the angles of your garden’s sight. You will definitely avoid using stiff and large evergreens for this matter.

Flowers, aside from shrubs, are sure hits in achieving the cottage landscape of your dreams. Incorporate fragrant flowers in useful outdoor accessories. It can be a wood trellis with rose vines that climb or a white fence that has a shrub of fragrant dames rockets along its line. With proper symmetry, you can actually use both. The shrubs found in the trellis and white fence do not only look nice, but they also smell nice as they burst with good-smelling blossoms. The idea of flower power continues with a flower bed. Use the bed to surround a birdbath (preferably placed at the edge or centered in the middle most post of the garden).

You can extend the flower bed to your mailbox. Your mailman can definitely use sight of greenery while doing his errands. S/he will thank you for that. Be sure though to follow rules and guidelines on mailboxes before you go crazy with your cottage vision.

To continue the stream of ideas for that charming cottage landscape, play around your porch by adding visually-appealing curtains, cottage windows, and patio chairs. The chairs should be oversized and made of wicker (for that added charm). Plus, it should be invited to be seated.

Sewer and water lines can also help you with your cottage landscape goals. They dictate the usage of shrub varieties and dwarf trees. Addition of these garden staples adds beauty to your garden, given with the right care and maintenance. Do some research and/or consult your local landscape artist on what variety to pick. There are poisonous shrubs that can harm your family like Yew, Azalea, Daphne, and Wisteria.

One last tip you can think about in sprucing up your garden is a tree. Trees, in general, frame the whole garden. They shouldn’t interrupt it. Identify its focal points or the places you feel that needs to be highlighted (like your flower bed beside the mailbox). After that, strategically place your trees. It can be holly, crab apple, or dogwood for that winter interest. It can also be mock orange, rose, and lilac. The whole point is to seal the areas that needed highlights.

All of these tips can be best achieved if you will hire a professional landscape contractor. Get her/his services and be amazed at the level of ingenuity s/he can offer. Other than that, getting professionals can be beneficial in purchasing plants, flowers, water lines, and trees. They may get it at reduced rates; leaving your wallet worry-free from the further expense.

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