Questions for Mobile Repair Shops

Your phone is dead. You are dead as well. Mobile phones nowadays are almost as important as our safety. You should make sure that once your phone is dead, you could repair it right away. But, if you know nothing about mobile repair then you should probably find a cellphone repair shop that you could trust to do the job for you.  


As a busy person, we are sure that you are looking for a shop that could do it faster because you obviously need it for different aspects of your like, you use your mobile for banking, for ordering food, for answering calls and messages, for calling friends and relatives and others. This only goes to show that we pay so much importance for you mobiles and thus, we should find a repair shop that could also show that kind of love and affection to our mobile phones.  

Before you jump to conclusion, you should make sure that you are in a shop that you could trust but for you to know that their answers to these questions below should be right. Do not hesitate and ask them so that you will have the assurance that they would really do it correctly. If you want to know what the questions are you should keep on reading. We will be very happy if you finish reading this article. See you at the end.  

1st Question: How far does your warranty cover? 

Before you know what the kinds of warranty that you could get are, you must first know that they would not replace the parts of your phone and they will not repair it again for free of charge if you have caused the misfortune of your phone. If you are going to drop your phone after the repair, you could not go to them and claim the warranty because this is not part of the warranty.  

The parts of their warranty should include the service that the repairman has done and the parts that have been put to the phone, if the service is poor and the parts are not functioning well, you could return to their store and ask for the warranty because you are covered. Many shops will offer you one month of warranty and other shops would give you the maximum of half a year or six long months for the warranty. You should ask them first before you decide to put your phone on for repair.  

2nd Question: How could my files remain private? 

A good repair shop should show you their privacy policy because this is very important since our mobile phone is a secret bag where we keep a lot of information starting from contact numbers, pin numbers, bank accounts, pictures and videos. This is to ensure that the content of your phone will remain private and that if they are going to do something with it, they are going to be faced with a case (you could sue them) because they have failed to deliver their privacy policies. Some companies have their privacy policies on their websites and for you to see them and read the policies, you could visit website and check it out.  Do not say yes to a shop or a company that could not offer you privacy policies because this is a very sensitive topic and you should always be mindful about it because you might regret it at the end.  

Home Staging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Upon placing your home in the market, the first impression will always be everything. Hence, it is very important that your home must be ready to be shown as soon as you start selling it. Other home sellers would hire a professional home decorator or home stager, such as Allen Homestaging, in order to avail to their services and assist them with staging. While others prefer staging homes by themselves.  If you are one of those home sellers who don’t need any help from professional stagers, then here are some of the pointers that you should know. The following are a list of unforgivable staging mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. 

Area Rugs 

These rugs could make a room feel warm and “completed”, but they also have the ability to take over a home. It is not really necessary to place area rugs in each doorway, hallway, and a single room. When there are many rugs all over the room, chances are it would make the homebuyers believe that the seller wanted to hide something. Are there foundation problems or damaged floors below all of those rugs? 


Empty Boxes 

Leaving an empty branded box in an unoccupied walk-in closet is borderline tacky and out of place. Why would somebody place a Louis Vuitton box in a vacant closet? Is to let the buyers know that somebody who previously occupied there could afford an LV bag? This type of tactic is called “staging” and it is definitely unnecessary. 

Fake Plants 

Those dusty fake plants placed on top of your cabinet and those fake plants that you hang in your bathroom are not attractive to look at. Aside from that, looking out of place will definitely not help you sell your home. 


Towels and Pillows 

Placing many stylish towels in an outdated bathroom or kitchen will never enhance your room’s appearance but it will only distract the homebuyers. Having a few towels is fine. However, once you place towels almost everywhere, then that’s not normal. Similarly, this is also true for decorative pillows. Pillows on the kitchen chairs, pillows on the bed, pillows on the floor, pillows on the sofa, pillows everywhere would be too much.  


Decorative Themes 

If you are living in an equestrian community or a beachy area, having a few subtle decorative themes would be fine. However, do not allow horses or seashells to dominate your house. There’s a fine line between cheesy décor, which seems more like clutter, and tasteful décor. Your job as a seller is to determine the difference and apply it to make a greater outcome. 


 Unattractive Furniture 

If you have a piece of worn-out or outdated furniture, you might need to consider removing it or at least replace it all. Sometimes, a slipcover might look great over a sofa, however, there are also times when too many pillows, blankets or slipcovers will not help. They will more likely make it one of the downsides of the property. 

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Tips

If you have an asphalt driveway in your home, then you must know by now that it needs proper care so that it will last for as long as possible. Without adequate care, you’ll have to do expensive asphalt repair work and that is not a good thing.

Paving Repair

To prevent doing paving repair work all the time, it is important that you learn of the top asphalt maintenance tips that the experts recommend. By doing them, your driveway will serve you for many years, and you won’t have to do any expensive repairs at that.

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Tips

It’s true that an asphalt driveway is the most unglamorous part of your home. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t take care of it at all. Furthermore, the driveway is the first thing that your guests will see. Would you like to greet them with a driveway that’s all crumbling and damaged? But then again, it is more than just creating a good impression. It is more of maintaining your home’s curb appeal. Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow:

1. Keep your asphalt driveway clean.

A clean driveway is always a better driveway. Asphalts driveways need this more than any other type of pavement. Cleaning up the asphalt monthly is will do so much. You might not know it but cleaning preserves the asphalt’s durability, thus prolonging its lifespan. Cleaning simply means removing all debris on the surface, like garbage and leaves.

Also, there are a lot of things that can stain the asphalt, which could result in permanent damage. Good examples are fuel and oil stains. If you see these on the asphalt, have them cleaned right away. Ignoring them will cause your driveway to deteriorate.

2. Repair potholes immediately.

Potholes are one of the most common problems when it comes to asphalt driveways. You might not think that it’s a big deal right now, but you’re not supposed to wait until they get bigger before you act. Get any imperfections on your asphalt repaired as soon as you notice them so it won’t cause major concerns later on.

Potholes are usually caused by water contracting and expanding when it seeps inside the pavement. If these potholes are left unchecked, then they might further expand, which can cause major damage to the surface of the asphalt. If you see potholes in your driveway, it’s best that you call in for repairs as soon as possible. That way, the problem is mitigated right on the onset.

3. Seal your driveway.

Driveway sealing is necessary to ensure the longevity of the asphalt surface. This process is called seal coating and it adds a protective layer over your driveway to keep the asphalt from getting damaged by exterior factors such as UV rays, water, and vehicle fluids. Sealing the driveway should be performed every three to five years. That way, you keep driveway looking freshly laid.

These are just some tips that you can follow to ensure that your driveway looks as good as it was from day one. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call reputable asphalt repair experts near you.

Things to do Before you Move In to Your House

You will be starting a new chapter in your life, and you might want to start doing it by moving into a new home. Whether you had a home build from nothing, you bought a fully furnished home or you are currently renting there are things you must do. Things that will make the start of your home life pretty amazing and easy.  

In this article, you will learn what are some of those things that you must look after. This is to ensure that you get the best move in experience you could ever have.  


You should make sure to deep clean every nook and cranny in your new home. This is to ensure to get rid of dusts and other grimes that you might find in the house. If you have a carpet you should also consider a carpet cleaning service if you don’t want to change it. 

If you deep clean the home, it would also help you find the things that would be useful for you. It would be easier and easier for you to decide on where things are so, that is something that is great to consider. You can hire people to do it for you or do it yourself.   


When you are in you should check the amenities and utilities offered in the home. Flush the toilet, run the water in ever faucet, test the electrical outlets and take note on the ones that needs changing. So, that is something that you should never skip out on.  

If you also like and want to take the entire thing a notch, call a professional to check on everything else. It makes sense if you do this and it will make for a greater and easier time in moving.  


Before you move in, you should decide on the vibe of the home. Meaning you should decide on how things are going to look like. You should also decide on how you are going to achieve it. If you are moving with a couple of things into your home you can then decide on which ones stays with you and which ones go to donation.  

This way you won’t clutter your home with mismatch furnishings.  A pro tip is that you should always opt for more storage without it becoming a hindrance to the look you are trying to get.  

Once you have the home ready then you are also ready to move in. In order to make the moving in of your things a lot easier, set a schedule with the moving company and make sure that you have your essentials with you. This way you don’t have to rush around unpacking things because you can’t find your toothbrush.  

All you need to do now is to watch out on the things that you need to do now and make the whole process of moving in a lot easier 


Home Renovation how to make it Your Best

There are many reasons why you need to do a bit of home renovation. It could be because you are sick of the aesthetic. It could also be because there is a need due to damages in the house like Bend electric lines and such. No matter what your reasons are there are ways for you to face the whole project without worry.   

When it comes to any investment for the home, you have to have a budget. It would be better to have none and just think the sky is the limit. However, that kind of spending is not being financially responsible.  

So, here are some tips to make your next home renovation your best one yet.  


If you want to change the look of your home pretty fast a little bit of paint can do it for you. You can paint it a new solid color if that is how you want it to go, you can also go for a new style with it using stencils. The design options are too many to count, you just have to think of it creatively. 


You should also contact an electrician and update the lighting in your home. It is the fastest way to change up the look of a home. You never realize how amazing the right lighting can do in your home. So, contact your favorite electricians and have them work a lighting solution for you.  


Your cabinets and other shelves may have some sad looking hardware. You can freshen up the look by changing that hardware to a newer version. If you like to take it another notch, you can refinish and repaint the cabinet themselves. Just like with paint it can bring a whole new look to what you are used to.  


You might think that you are saving tons of money by buying cheaper items. If it is an item that you are planning on using for a longer time invest in it. You should invest in quality items, even if it is a bit expensive. This is important simply because it can do so much for your pocket and it will last longer too.  

          5. IMPROVE YOUR STORAGE   

You can never go wrong in improving storage ideas. It is important that you do it, it can be something that you don’t want to have now, however a storage is something that can do wonders for you. So, you should invest in quality inconspicuous storage shelving in your home.  

If you want to go all out however, it is better to speak with a professional it makes a lot more sense and they can do a lot for the space that you want to have. The flow of things around the house and the lighting will make more sense that way too. However, in the end the decision will be on you, so, don’t worry too much about it.